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2000 Cessna 172S N546MC

Aircraft Data

Fuel Capacity 53 gal usable
Fuel Burn 9gph
Normal Takeoff 70 to 80 KIAS
Cruise Climb 70 to 85 KIAS
Landing 60 to 70 KIAS (Flaps Down)
Best Glide 68 KIAS
Gross Weight 2550lbs
Electrical 24V Battery/28V System/60 Amp Alt
Engine Lycoming IO-360, 180hp
Engine Oil 8qt


Vs 48 KIAS
Vs0 40 KIAS
Vy 74 KIAS
Vx 62 KIAS
Va 105 KIAS
Vfe 110 KIAS (10° Flaps)
85 KIAS (> 10° Flaps)
Vno 129 KIAS
Vne 163 KIAS

Weight and Balance

Empty Weight 1694.4 lbs
Center of Gravity 39.67 inches
Moment 67,221.4 in-lbs
Useful Load 863.6 lbs
Note: Weight and Balance values are current as of December 12, 2006. Current values can be found on the W&B sheet located within the aircraft. The information above was found in the POH and Wells Aircraft is not liable for misprints.

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